Train Your Head and Your Body Will Follow

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This is a 3 minute workout for your brain. You will feel and look better instantly. All it takes is 1-3 minutes a day to change your body… your life in a positive way. Can you give me 3 minutes? That is all it takes.

My goal was to create a book and a guide that allows you to redirect your thoughts in a positive, focused manner. It is a lighthearted, fun, and easy way to look at a few simple changes you can make in your life, so you can enjoy more of life.

It all started when I was born. I always had a knack for seeing the world beyond what was right in front of me. I knew the world was not perfect, and certainly knew people were not perfect, but I always seemed to see the good in people and the positive in the world. I brought a positive spin to almost every situation, and I have applied that way of thinking throughout my life to reach my dreams. I have been like this for so long, it was just the way I was wired. Of course, like a professional athlete born with a raw talent, I cultivated, and fine tuned my gift throughout the years. I was definitely a seeker of knowledge, always looking for self growth and development.  

What I didn’t know was that I could teach this way of thinking, this system, to others and spread the joy using fitness as my vehicle. Through research and collaborations with numerous professors, scientists, and spiritual leaders, I created a system that is transferable and moldable, to fit your specific personality and situation. A system that you can always have with you for all aspects of well-being.

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