“Sandy’s high-energy vibration on both the physical and spiritual levels has helped to transcend her and her clients to new heights of being. She takes people where they never thought was possible, and they enjoy the journey.” ―Pat Croce, American entrepreneur, sports team executive and owner, author, and TV personality

"Sandy Weston is a life force. Like a breeder-reactor, she generates more energy than she consumes. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and she speaks in exclamation points. After decades as a fitness professional and entrepreneur, she is extremely knowledgeable and devoted to sharing what she knows to improve the lives of others. She believes that a sound mind contributes to a sound body, and vice versa. Equally, she is dedicated to cultivating the spirit, to living fully in every dimension, and harvesting all the joy that life has to offer. She is a true phenomenon, and all will benefit from her hard-won lessons and time-tested wisdom." ―Art Carey, former health and fitness columnist, the Philadelphia Inquirer, author of Champions' Body for Life

“[Sandy] was my personal trainer for four years. I was so impressed by her abilities and knowledge in her field. Sandy is an incredibly driven individual, and that drive keeps her going twenty-four hours a day. She’s hard working, knowledgeable, and so full of energy.” ―The late Ed Snider, was the chairman of Comcast Spectacor, a Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment company that owns the Philadelphia Flyers

“Sandy Weston is a force of nature―and she always energetically uses her force for good. Sandy’s habit of seeing the best in everyone and every situation is infectious. It’s an infection we should all try our best to get!” ―Frank Napolitano, president of 24 Hour Fitness

“Sandy Weston demands hard work and commitment from each committee member. I could not have found a more high-energy, enthusiastic person . . .” ―John F. Street, 97th Mayor of Philadelphia

"Writing positive thoughts and achievements as daily journal entries to 'train your brain' provides one with an easy way to use positivity to visualize goals, develop action plans, stay motivated, and feel the 'energy” of successes'―and it can be done in 1 to 3 minutes a day!" ―Dr. Zebulon V. Kendrick, vice provost for graduate education and professor of kinesiology, Temple University

"Sandy's vision for creating joy and empowering others is an inspiration for us all. This book is an embodiment of that joy, and I am grateful that she is so willing to share it with all all of us." ―Matthew LaBosco, meditation trainer & energy practitioner

“This book encompasses everything I’d expect and more from a first-class business leader. True to her roots as a pioneering advocate for all, Sandy’s mastered simplifying the complicated for the everyday person to embrace and live their most full, vibrant life.” ―David Rambo, principal owner of Weston Fitness and Visionary Wellness Partners