Start a Movement

I am starting a movement.  A movement in Me, in my Home, my Community, my Life, my WORLD!

Start a Movement is aimed at improving the mental and physical health of the world. The campaign is an AND to all other health and fitness programs - it is a launching point, but it starts with you. 

WHY?  It is simple, I want to spread joy.

I am passionate about helping as many people as possible feel good and touch their lives with movement. I want to show you that all it takes is 1-3 minutes a day to change your body… your life in a positive way! It just takes a few moments each day to create a new habit - a positive habit - an amazing feeling that you can carry and draw on all throughout your day.

I want YOU to feel energized...  to realize that you are in charge of your life. I want you to realize that just by standing up and moving around for a few minutes, your whole perspective changes!  

A shift in their body + a shift in their minds = a shift in their lives.


To get involved, email