Sandy's Stories

Beautiful Strangers:


I always seem to meet people on my path. While Eric and I were walking Dawson, a young man stopped to chat (because we all know dogs are a great way to start a conversation and meet people). This young man was saying his father has a dog that hates the summer, because of its heavy fur and we said the same exact thing about Dawson. Within a few seconds I asked if he lived around here and I found out he lived up the street and has for 3 years, but in 2002, was adopted from Russia. Not your normal “hey, I live around here” line! We talked about how he learned english and how his brother was adopted in 2004. I asked him how he likes it and he said he loved it. The whole point of the story is being open to beautiful strangers. People can tell when you are open or closed and what you are willing to receive. You never know, (if your heart is ready for it), what amazing stories you’ll hear. 

Are You Really Open Minded?:


This story is all about the “s” word: stubborn! Stubbornness can keep you from being open and trying new things. Time and time again people have told me about the benefits of medical marajuana. Recently with the new sensations I’ve been having in my neck, I’ve been giving it a lot more thought. Personally, I am someone who did not like marajuana when I tried it all those years ago  and did not dabble in any drugs. Not because I was against it, but I like being in control. But...with my health situation and my doctors wanting to prescribe harder drugs, I thought it would be good to explore a healthier avenue. So, Eric suggested I give it a try, but boy, was I nervous. I went and met with a certified medical marajuana doctor and spent an hour learning about everything. She gives you approval for your condition and then you apply online. I am so surprised, but I am actually going to give it a try. Learning to not be set in your ways can be freeing and help provide relief. 

Nothing Happens Randomly:


I had an appointment and the office is right across the street from where I had to pick up my son a bit later. I walked across the street to wait for him and sat outside. I noticed how beautiful the flowers were around me. They looked picture perfect and I even have the same ones at my home. I observed the hanging plants, pots and beautiful sunflowers. I started to think, who is this person who gardens here? It had to be a professional, they were just too beautiful. I was taking pictures when a man came down and said hello and asked what I was doing. He said that he takes care of the flowers and he loves putting a smile on people’s faces when they see them. I told him my flowers at home look nice, but not nearly like these. He told me he is a gardener when he is not a Shaman. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t! He invited me up to the second level and he showed me the huge sunflowers. Me being so trusting I even left my phone and bag on the bench outside! I went into his office and he showed me all his Shaman stuff and I said to myself, wow, this looks so familiar. I said to him that my husband and I got by married by a Shaman. He said he’d married a fair amount of people, but didn't recognize my or my husband’s name. I still thought it was so strange how familiar everything seemed. We went back downstairs and I said again how familiar he looked. For some reason I brought up our wedding again and said it was at a friend's estate and all of a sudden it clicked, he realized he did marry us! How crazy, I thought! He said he had done about 140 weddings and ours was one of the top 5. He remembered that they were having trouble because there were so many cars and it was taking a while to get everyone into the service so instead of having everyone wait they opened the bar. Ha! It was such a blast. It is just a simple reminder of how small the world is - you never know where and when you will be met with such joyful memories.

Sandy Weston