SJW Fitness Trend Series: WAV Trainer

Hey gang! I know it’s been a while, but I am back with a new episode my Fitness Trend Series! This time I am learning all about the (amazing) iBalans WAV Trainer. I had such a blast with the creator, Diena Seeger, who taught me all about how it works and how you can use it to help train your mind and body. As a trainer for years who is always preaching the importance of mind-body connection during your workouts, it was so awesome to see a product that used that method as a base. Now, just by looking at it, it’s hard to really understand how awesome it is - you have to feel it. It’s like a little personal ocean in your hands guiding you through your workout intentionally. No more mindless workouts! I so much enjoyed the workout and I know you will too. Watch the video below to get some awesome tips from Diena and see my try a workout!

A little more about the WAV Trainer:

You already have lots of options to work your muscles --but that's only part of the equation. Neuroscience shows that our every move is guided by sensory input. The WAV is the first sensory based exercise bar designed to engage the neural pathways of the sensorimotor system for heightened body awareness and higher quality movement.

Clinical tests indicate movement critical brain connection with the WAV. Low impact WAV training activates your innate sensory responsiveness to fluid motion and guides you to more precise movement. Enhance core stability, improve balance and posture and strengthen the brain body connections critical for achieving healthy movement.

The most visible long-term result is a lithe body. Perhaps the more powerful benefit is a stronger brain body connection that allows you to flow into your personal best. #CatchaWAV and experience a fun and effective total movement training experience like no other.

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Sandy Weston