Let's Keep It Real Episode 52

Hey gang - I’m back with a brand new episode of Let’s Keep It Real with author, publisher and yogi, Etan Bortizer as my guest. We are chatting all about Etan’s unique journey that got him where he is today, how the universe will deliver beyond our expectations and oh so much more. You do not want to miss this one.

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About Etan:

Etan Boritzer is the bestselling children’s author of the15 books in the ‘What is?’ series on character education, positive social values and sensitive subjects, now published in 16 languages. Etan is also the publisher of Veronica Lane Books in Los Angeles and has helped numerous first-time authors get their books published. Etan started teaching yoga and meditation in 1971 after a long and intensive traditional yoga ashram training in South India and he is a well-respected international speaker on the original teachings of the Buddha.

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