Let's Keep It Real Episode 49

Today’s awesome & inspiring podcast guest is Cindy Goldberg.

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About Cindy:

Cindy Goldberg has been an educator for 24 years in the Cheltenham School District. As an educator Ms. Goldberg created an SEL program, still used today, in a time when that didn't exist. Most recently Cindy has been appointed as the Mindfulness/ Positive Psychology coach bringing mindfulness training to classrooms and educators all over the district, she facilitates teacher well-being workshops and opportunities for self-care in a time when teachers face the greatest challenges and stresses in recent history. Beginning June 18th she will be a consultant and be able to bring this to any district. Cindy Goldberg is the author of Penelope’s Headache, a children’s book about navigating their social world and is currently working on a strengths based children’s book.

Connect with Cindy:



Email: mindfulnesswithcindy@gmail.com 

Sandy Weston