Positive B*tch (Power) Lady: Episode Fourteen

Hello to all my beautiful, powerful ladies! Boy, do I have an exciting episode for you all today. My longtime friend, Shelly Fisher, is here telling us about her amazing journey and her company “One Tough Bitch” which is inspiring women all over the world. We are also chatting about so many important topics for women today like worrying less, staying present, the importance of your “posse”, and “the poison of anger” (yes, it’s a real thing!)

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About Shelly:

Shelly Fisher is a consummate entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 30 years of business experience is the CEO and founder of the Pay it Forward Group LLC and the Herb it Forward Foundation. Shelly also co-authored the award winning book Breaking Sad: What to Say After Loss, What not to Say, and When to Just Show Up.

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