SJW Fitness Trend Series: F45


Hey gang - I’m back with my Fitness Trend Series and this time I went to try out F45. Now, let me tell you - I was nervous for this one. I am always down for a challenge, but many people who I was telling about it said, “Weston, are you nuts? F45 is crazy intense!” I walked into the class fully expecting to have a difficult time modifying the workouts for my body. Boy, was I wrong! As soon as I chatted with Jordan Stone, one of the owners, he assured me that everything could be modified and that they have people with all levels of fitness taking the classes.

I had such a blast, got an awesome workout in, and did not get bored at all (you know thats a big sticky wicket for me). I enjoyed it so much so that I even went back with some friends the following Saturday! Big shoutout to both Jordan and Taylor, who were the trainers during my class and to Andrew and Tarun for speaking with me on camera afterwards. Watch below to find out even more about my experience.

Sandy Weston