Let's Keep It Real Episode 48

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Hey gang I’m so excited to share this episode of Let’s Keep It Real with you because one of our favorite guests is back (who is actually this months sponsor), Matt LaBosco!

As I’m sure a lot of you know a couple months ago I launched my second podcast Positive B*tch (Power) Lady, which is all about women speaking their truths in a powerful, bold way. Out of curiosity I wanted to get a male perspective on what it means to speak in your true power and I knew Matt would be the perfect person for the job.

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About Matt:

Matthew LaBosco is a licensed Conscious Transformation Trainer (TM) Energy Practitioner, and Movement Therapist. He works with individuals all over the world through his private practice, classes, and workshops. Matthew has studied with some of the most revolutionary and progressive health professionals in many different fields and his multi-disciplined approach has empowered individuals from all over the world to access a life of health and vitality they didn’t realize was possible.

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