SJW Fitness Trend Series: X-Force


Hey gang - I’m back with the second episode of my Fitness Trend Series and this week I am trying something insane… X-Force! When I saw that my friend Roger Schwab had opened up X-Force I knew that I needed to go - I mean how cool is this concept, you train ONE day a week for just 30 minutes and you can completely transform your body (that sounds too good to be true, am I right)? We’ve all heard of negative weight training, but these machines do the work for you, they add 40% more weight on the lowering movement. I’ve never felt anything like it, day of AND day after! Roger walked me through a typical workout and not only did I get an incredible workout, but just watching how the machines work is an incredible experience in and of itself. I would absolutely recommend X-Force to anyone who is looking for something new, exciting and most importantly, effective. Watch the video below to check out my experience of doing X-Force for the first time.

Sandy Weston