Are You Burnt Out?


We wake up in the morning, hit the alarm clock for a few snoozes and then finally drag our tired bodies out of bed. We walk around in a daze until we put the coffee on and splash our face with cold water. The race is on - we can do it. We can muscle through another crazy, busy day.  Whether we have to get the kids off to school, try to get our house together before the big commute, or finish that last piece of homework before heading to school, the race is on. You have a pretty good attitude, you know you can put on a smiling face for all to see and you definitely know there are people who have it way worse.

Go, go, go, that is what you do! Life is like a big wheel that you are not sure how to get off of and you don’t think anyone else has it any easier. We are all super busy, running in many directions, with little or no time to take care of ourselves. We wear it like a badge of honor. Having so much to do is a thing to be proud of, right? We hold our heads high because more is better and we are accomplishing so much in life. Is this really true?

I do know this: it would be very difficult to find someone who didn’t say they were busy. Everyone is busy, it just depends to what degree. We will keep pushing through until we can’t  push anymore and get beyond stressed out and mentally/physically sick. We need that excuse to stop and take care of ourselves. We need to justify slowing down and taking a break.

How bizarre, silly, and totally backwards that is!


Now coming from me this may seem a bit odd, especially since I have a lot of energy and love being busy. I enjoy going in many directions and I am passionate about many things. Here is the difference though, I know myself and I listen to what I need mentally and physically. If I feel the need to go off into the woods, take a nap, or take a day or two off to focus on myself, I do it. I haven’t always been this way. It took me many years to realize the most important thing in life is that I feel good, and that when I feel good, everyone benefits. I still have to work on not justifying it so much (not my strength), but I am getting better at knowing that I am worthy of feeling wonderful. Now it’s your turn!

I just got back from Kripalu Yoga and Health Center, where I spent five glorious days in utopia.

I have not gone away in many, many years where I didn’t combine work with pleasure, what a treat this was for me. After over 30 years in the fitness industry, I sold my businesses and I knew that before I started my next chapter, that I had to take time for myself and regroup. What a gift it was and I took advantage of every minute.  


While I was there, I met so many incredible people that just needed to unplug from life for a bit to recharge and reevaluate their priorities in life. It was so refreshing to be with so many people who truly valued their quality of life and their mental and physical well-being. And before you ask - yes, there were those who waited way too long to take time for themselves and this was their last ditch effort to get on a healthy path.  

Now I get it is not that easy to go off by ourselves, even once a year, but let’s think about how can we carve out a little piece of time in our daily routine just for us. Even if some days it’s only a few moments here and there. Nobody besides you, even those who love you, is going to know what you need and when you need it. The kicker is, you don’t need permission or justification to take care of yourself. It’s the only way you can live in all your power for others and yourself.  

I am asking you to spend time today figuring out little changes you could make in your weekly routine to take care of you. Let’s wear a badge of honor for having ease and flow in our lives, as much as possible.  

And the next time somebody asks how things are going, just tell them all is chill, smooth sailing.

Sending you much pure joy, you deserve it.

Sandy Weston