The Only Path for You

So here you are, the time has finally come, you have to choose a path. Not just any path, the path that will affect your entire life. There is no turning back and you can’t put it off any longer.  Your decision is huge and will determine whether you live happily ever after or end up miserable.


Whether you are deciding which college to attend, what major to pick, where to move, what to do with your business, who to marry, whether to have children, what religion to raise your children, should you cut or dye your hair, do you leave your job, take a gap year, or break up with your boyfriend, the list goes on and on. There are many big and little decisions that you make throughout your life. What if you make the wrong decision? What if you don’t know what is right for you, your family, your business?

Well, here is my take on the “right path” situation: hogwash, bull, are you totally wacked? Your life is one big, beautiful journey with lots of different wonderful paths that will lead you down so many fun roads. If I could give you a piece of advice, I would say, lighten up, and don’t beat yourself up! Sometimes you will pick a trail that is direct and that gets you right where you want to go and other times it will take a bunch of twists and turns along the way, but that is ok too.


Even in business, if you lined up 75 very successful business people and asked them to make a decision on which way to take a company, they would all pick very different ways - all which are successful. Don’t even get me started with parenting! I have met so many wonderful people that have such opposite views on how to raise their kids and yet they all come out great.

If you want to know what got me on this roll, well, for good or bad I have excellent hearing and was listening to a bunch of people at the coffee shop talking about the bad decisions they had made in the past. Most of them wished they could have “do overs” and apply what they know now to back then. Well what I would say is, people, that is the whole point! You weren't  supposed to know then, that is why it is called growth, maturity, and wisdom with age.

I believe in you and the paths you have chosen and are going to choose. Trust yourself, just a bit more, to know what is right for you - when and where you choose it. I would also love for you to have a few less regrets and love yourself just a bit more.

Have fun you awesome people.

Sandy Weston