Closing A Chapter & Starting A New One

Well peeps - many of you know this already, but this past February I officially said goodbye to Weston Fitness after 17 years. I am so grateful for everyone who has come through our doors over the years and touched my heart. Every single day for the past 17 years I have loved what I do.

I did (as I always do) want to leave you with some tips for you to apply to your own life if you are making a decision to move on from something. Here a few things to think about:

1. Where did your decision come from? Love or fear?

2. What do you really want? Not what will please others or look good, what do you really want? How do you feel about it?

3. Write down what you want to do moving forward. Map it out and make a plan, that way you feel comfortable and ready to take action.

4. Connect to yourself any way you can, whether it is through religion, spirituality or meditation.

Here's to closing one chapter & continuing on another.

Sandy Weston