Why Not Me? Navigating My Career As A Woman.


In March of 2017 I had the amazing opportunity of being the keynote speaker at an international women's empowerment conference in Thailand. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. When I told my book agent about this dream come true, she said to me “I mean no offense Sandy, but why you? I mean come on...you're no Hillary Clinton!” And for a split second I said to myself holy crap she’s right. Why me?

But when I say a split second I mean it, as soon as the thought entered my brain it was replaced with a saying that has become the mantra and basis of all the successes I’ve had in my life...why NOT me? Yea, maybe I’m no Hillary Clinton but I have a big message that I want women to hear everywhere - and guess what? Speaking at the conference was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. These amazing women, from all different backgrounds and cultures, came together to share their brave and empowering stories. Even with incredible odds stacked against them, they persisted and overcame. How? They believed in themselves.


In my career, I’ve achieved many successes in situations where the odds were stacked against me. In 1985 I started an in-home training business, and in 1993 I opened my first health club. I was the fitness expert on NBC 10, and I became the first female trainer for a professional hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers. It wasn’t easy. But, when I was told no, I heard yes. Six years ago, when I started writing my book, “no’s” were coming at me from all different directions, friends, family, agents. They said “The world doesn’t need another self-help book”...“You’re not famous enough.” I did have people who supported me and believed in me, but most importantly, I believed in myself. I persisted. And now, my persistence has been rewarded. My book came out with an amazing publisher, and I know I will continue to spread my message and passion because it empowers me. Why not me? Why not YOU?
Women have always had the power to see beyond what is in front of them, to visualize a better future. We all have the ability to make a positive impact on society, no matter our path in life. It is not always easy. Nothing is handed to us. It takes persistence. It takes passion. If you change your thinking, you have the ability to change your future. The ability to stand for what you believe in and the ability to be strong and hear “yes” when all you’ve known is “no”. I said before, my mantra has been “why not me?” It’s always been the same for all women’s rights movements. Why not us? Why not women? When you face adversity, in the community, in the workplace…remember, you have the power to succeed. Persevere. And remember, when the world asks, “Why you?”, you know the answer: why NOT me!

Happy Women’s History Month!

Sandy Weston