If You Are Struggling With Your Resolution, Read This

Clean slate, re-start, new focus, hit the ground running, the new me, go big. There are so many different ways to say “this year I am going to __________”.  New Year’s Resolutions are huge and so many of them have to do with losing weight and getting in shape. Being in the fitness business for so many years, you would think I’d be jaded by how many people start out strong and come to the gym (for about 3 weeks, maybe), then life gets in the way or they aimed too high and dropped back into their “last year habits”. I have owned health clubs since 1993 and I have seen it year after year. As much as I try to talk people out of unrealistic goals, it still goes in one ear, out the other for most.


That being said though, I still have high hopes and I am very optimistic for those who chose to make their mental and physical well-being a priority. Yes, there are many who will not hold true to their new focus or the goals they set for themselves, but for those who do - it is magical and anytime I can be apart of that journey, count me in.  

Many of you know that I am all about getting your head in the game first and then setting attainable goals with realistic plans. I don’t believe it takes long, not at all. You just have to be consistent every day with refocusing yourself on what you want and why. Most of you know how to eat healthy and know what you need to cut out and eat more of, it is just a matter of picking a way of life that works for you and your family.

Working out should not be pure torture, there are so many ways to enjoy yourself and get results. I am all about having fun mentally and physically while I firm up that bod.

Here are some of my favorite tips:


1.  Take a few minutes to figure out why you want to change things up. Do you want to look and feel better? Or do you really just want to get back into your skinny jeans?

2.  How much time are you willing to spend on getting in shape? Schedule your workout as if it is an appointment. Decide what you like doing most, working out at home or going to the gym and go for it.

3.  Do you like exercising alone, in a group or with one buddy? Organize it ahead of time.

4. As for food, start clearing out all the junk in your house so you are not tempted.

5.  Write it down and see what you are committing to. Don't make it so far out of reach that you can't stick to it, just slightly more than you are doing now so you can see success.


So if you ask me, do I love and believe in New Year’s Resolutions? The answer is heck yes, I love the energy of everyone wanting to reflect on the past year and move forward with new dreams. And for all those who don’t stay with them...well I chose to think about those who do.

2019 is amazing and incredible and so are you!

Sandy Weston