Let's Keep It Real Episode 17

Hey gang, this week's guest on "Let's Keep It Real" is the awesome Stan Rosenthal. Stan and I connected after hearing about his work with Action For Happiness & The Happy Cafe Network over in the UK. I was lucky enough to even meet him while I was over in London for my trip. 

In his early days Stan acquired an Honours Degree in Economics and Politics at Manchester University. He then moved on to a career in export finance while being a co-founder of a Labour Party environmental pressure group which led him into playing a part in the drafting of the first radical Labour Party statement on the environment. Stan joined Action for Happiness, the global movement for positive social change, in 2011, became the founder and National Coordinator of it's Happy Cafe Network and is now part of the team helping to run the Action for Happiness movement.

Connect with Stan:

Action for Happiness: www.actionforhappiness.org

The Happy Cafe Network: www.actionforhappiness.org/happy-cafe


Sandy Weston