Let's Keep It Real Episode 19

Hey gang, today's podcast guest is the awesome and inspiring Olga Szakal. 

About Olga:

Olga Szakal, Founder of The Ageless Generation™,  is committed to helping Gen X women overcome a midlife crisis and leap into the success they deserve. 

Based on her personal experience, Olga teaches women how to turn a midlife crisis into a self-discovery and design their best life, so that they can reclaim their voice, build the legacy and make a difference in the world!

From her tough childhood in Siberia to her current business endeavors, Olga has always approached life with a sense of adventure believing strongly that “Every Problem Comes With The Solution!” 

Olga recently left Seattle area and currently lives outside of Phoenix, AZ.

Get Olga's FREE e-book here: https://www.themidlifecrisisbook.com/ 

Connect with Olga:

For more information about Olga, "The Ageless Generation™" and "How to Chutzpah™ for wealth", her foundation program for success in both business and life, visit: www.AgelessGeneration.com

Sandy Weston