Adventures to Europe!

Hey gang! I know I've been talking a little bit about my recent trip to Ireland & London but I figured I would dedicate a vlog to it in order to tell the whole story! I can't wait share some incredible stories with you.

We went to two cities in Ireland, Dublin and Galway, and London. People were great and the food was amazing. I don’t understand why people say they’re not known for their food.

The crazy part is that we didn’t have any rain! I packed so many cold clothes thinking that I’d need them. Instead, we brought sunshine everywhere!

Now, let’s back up a little and talk about why I was there. I got an opportunity to speak at a wellness conference, The Future Health Summit in Dublin.

I spoke for one day in Dublin and I made a trip out of it. Dublin somewhat reminded me of Boston because it’s very walkable.

After Dublin, we took a bus to Galway. Now that’s a very small town. It’s definitely do-able in a day. The best part is the street performers there.

The next day, we took a tour to Cliff of Moher. I got to meet so many great people on the tour. We all had a blast.

Then we took a short flight to London. It’s a little pricey, but people there are so polite. I had the best experience on the subway. They are so user friendly and clean.

My take away from this trip is not to feel busy and rushed, and to take time to make somebody feel warm and welcomed.

Much happy.


Sandy Weston