Straight Up Money Talk

Hey gang- we’re talking money today! Too much money is a problem. Too little money is also a problem. It seems like money is a problem for many people. People say if you have too much money, you change. I think it’s true, but then what should we do?

You have to control your finances. Balancing money can be a very difficult task. Having too little or too much money is a problem. Now, the question is, how do you manage your money?

Some people don’t even check their bank account because just by looking at it, they become stressed out. Well, you can’t just completely ignore it. You should check it once every 2 weeks or so because you need to know where you stand.

My advice is, have someone you can trust and share your financial goal with. They will keep you on track that way you won’t ignore your financial responsibilities.

Hopefully after this talk, money stresses you out less! If you still feel like you didn’t get enough money talk, you can check out my podcast with Luna Jaffe (aired last Thursday).

As always, much happy


Sandy Weston