How To Avoid Bad Snacking Habits

By Jenna Song

For many people, snacking is a habit. It’s perfectly normal to snack, but many people choose snacking habits that’s bad for their body. Bad snacking habits comes in all different shapes and sizes such as snacking a lot shortly before a meal or snacking on something that has not enough nutrients. In order to be in shape, you need to be aware of everything you’re consuming including snacks. I interviewed Diana Marlin, Dietician of Nourishmnt for those of you, who struggles to stop your bad snacking habits!

Have Enough Meals

A lot of people skip a meal or two because they’re busy or they’re on a diet. This is definitely not a good idea. “Not eating balanced meals throughout the day, sets us up to snack,” said Marlin. It’s easy to become hangry (hungry + angry) when you didn’t have enough food and it’s harder for you to make healthy choices because you’re focused on filling your hunger.

Distinguish between Hunger and Habit

People often snack without thinking. That’s a problem because you’re not aware of things you’re consuming. You have to be mindful. “Ask yourself, am I hungry? Or is this a habit?” said Marlin. People consume snack habitually. In order to break your habit, it’s important for you to be aware of it first.

Know the Difference Between a Snack and a Treat

When people think of a snack, they think about something simple they can eat such as a donut or a pretzel. The thing is, those are actually a treat. Marlin advised that snacks need to be something nourishing that’s almost like a mini meal including some proteins and whole grains. You should treat yourself once in a while or on special occasions, but it shouldn’t become a habit.

Be Aware of Liquid

A lot of people don’t think liquid is a snack, but it can be depending on what you’re drinking. Drinks with sugar counts as a snack. Marlin added that instead of drinking sugary drinks such as juice, a cup of unsweetened tea or sparkling water will do the job.

Surround Yourself with the Foods You Want to Eat More of

It’s all about being mindful. If you fill your house with junk food, you will consume junk food because that’s all you have. Marlin added that make it harder for you to get junk food. Instead of buying ice cream and keeping it at home. Go out to an ice cream shop to get it. That way, you’re aware of your choices you’re making.

Clean eating is definitely hard, but it’s important. Fitness isn’t about just working out. It’s about your lifestyle. You have to be mindful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. “Life is too short not to enjoy the foods you like, but moderation is important,” said Marlin. Balancing is the key when it comes to healthy eating. You have to balance between what you want to eat and what your body needs to consume.



Diana Marlin is a Philadelphia based dietician.

She’s the founder of Nourishmnt, LLC which provides nutrition and wellness counseling. To find more about her:




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