Your Body & Food Freedom

What are the TWO things people think about all the time? Have a guess? Well I will tell you the first - our bodies! 

I've got three questions and I want you to give yourself a rating from 1 - 10.

1. How much do you like your body?

2. How much do you enjoy food & feel good about what you eat?

3. Do you take time to think about what you are eating every week?

Ok - now I want to you to do three things for the week:

1. Think about foods you enjoy and look forward to eating - write them down!

2. Go to the store and buy those foods...get the easy stuff if you aren't a cook. Spend some time preparing for the week.

3. Before you eat - take a deep breathe in and think about what you are eating - if you eat it will it make you feel good inside and out?

Once you think about these things and the foods you can eat,  you will spend less time thinking about all the things you can't eat. 

What do you think? Do-able? Try it out and let me know...and remember to brainstorm about what you think is the other thing people think about all the time.

Much happy - SJW


Sandy Weston