Podcast with Diane O'Mara

Hey gang - this week's podcast guest is a dear friend of mine, Diane O'Mara. Diane and I met through the charity she works for, Little Smiles. Their mission is to help heal hearts and create little smiles by providing gifts and fun activities to children impacted by serious illness, homelessness or tragedy. How cool is that! Diane and I got to chat right after the new year, I know it seems a bit far back but hey - some of us are still kicking off our New Year's resolutions, right? 

Get to know Diane:

Dr. Diane O'Mara was born in Philadelphia in 1967. She is a retired school counselor and is currently a Director of Program Development for Little Smiles charity. She is married to her husband James for 21 years and has 2 rescue dogs. She loves to travel and spend time with her family and friends. Her motto is Carpe Diem! 

Learn more about Little Smiles:




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