Secrets to an Easy (&Yummy) Breakfast

Hey peeps - You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But isn’t it hard to get up in the morning? You have to get up and cook breakfast while you’re still not fully awake. Sometimes, you don’t have an appetite, but you force yourself to eat. Some of us don’t like something heavy for breakfast or don’t eat breakfast at all. Sometimes you get up late and you have to skip breakfast because you don’t have enough time to wait for your breakfast to be ready.

Well, we’re not the only ones that are skipping breakfast. According to a recent study by the NPD Group, about 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day. Oh my gosh people! Come on! They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for no reason.  

Here’s the solution, don’t eat your breakfast - drink your breakfast! Smoothies are easy on your stomach in the morning and you can take it to go. It’s family friendly. You can make it for yourself or your kids. Now you don’t have to worry about if you can digest your bacon and egg sandwich anymore.

Good thing about this is that you can improvise easily depending on your preference. Also it’s better than smoothies you buy because you can control what you put in it. There’s no specific recipe you have to follow. You just need to have some fruits and veggies you want in your smoothie and a blender. Here’s one recipe to give you an idea:

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

1. Add Bananas, Strawberries, and Kiwis to the blender.

(If you don’t like Strawberry or Kiwis, you can substitute it with other things such as oranges or blueberries and want to know a trick? Throw in some spinach - you won’t be able to taste it!)

2. Add a bit of nut milk and honey to the blender.

3. Blend it all up!

You can decide how much bananas, strawberries, or kiwis you want in your smoothie. You can add more milk if you want more liquid. You can add more honey if you want it sweeter (but come on people - the fruit is sweet enough)! It really depends on how you want it to be.

This is a good way to get the nutrients you need and lots of energy. It’s actually very time efficient as well. As long as you have the ingredients, all you have to do is throw everything together and blend it up. If you get tired of the same recipe then you can switch it up.

Did you know that your brain functions better when you eat breakfast? Don’t leave the house with an empty stomach anymore. Invest a few minutes of the day to kick hard mornings in the butt and enjoy the rest of your day!

Try this new recipe with your family starting tomorrow. Don’t be one of those guys who skips breakfast anymore.

Sandy Weston