Podcast with Lisa Brill

Hello all my peeps, I have got a treat for you! This week's podcast guest is Lisa Brill who I met many years ago and who spoke at one of my Inspired Beauty events. Lisa's skincare line Qēt Botanicals is...amazing! After struggling with her own skin she developed Qēt as an all natural solution without the use of toxins, synthetics, or harmful chemicals or preservatives. To state it simply...you have got to try it! The results speak for themselves. We know that what we put in ourselves matters so why shouldn't we also be concerned with what we use on the outside? Listen as Lisa and I discuss the questions that you should be asking about your skincare routine, and check out some of the insane results below:

Qet-Botanicals-Lisa-Brill-Before-and-After-Rosacea-Adult-Acne (1)-1.jpg

You can find more information on Qēt Botanicals below:

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Sandy Weston