Let's Keep It Real Episode 26

This week we have returning guest, my friend, skincare expert and founder of Qet Botanicals Lisa Brill.

About Lisa:

Because of a change in Lisa’s health, (Rosacea, thyroid disease) her sensitive skin was screaming, her hair was falling out, her weight was changing, and her health wasn’t was it used to be. She needed basic care products to help heal and nourish her skin that were completely free of any synthetics, harmful chemicals, or artificial fragrances. After not being satisfied with the so-called ‘natural’ products she was finding, and knowing that true, natural ingredients in their right form could help... her own research and development began. That was over six years ago, and now today her brand, Qet Botanicals, has earned 11 national beauty awards and has helped thousands of people clean up their everyday routines.

Connect with Lisa:

Qet Botanicals Website


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