The # 1 Way to Grow Your Business (The Best Kept Secret)


LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, email blasts...and I am sure there are so many out there I have forgotten. Social media has allowed us to grow our businesses in ways we could have never imagined, all while sitting in our jammies with laptops propped up on pillows. I am a big, big fan and trust me I came to this realization kicking and screaming. As much as I want to think I am cool, hip and down with change, the internet isn’t usually my approach. I am a people person, a “look you in the eyes and shake your hand” kind of person. I want to feel your energy and look into your soul so I can get to know you. That all being said, (and yes I still believe connections in person are huge), the power of social media, and knowing how to navigate it is priceless.

Side tip one…(not the secret):

Did you know there is a tab on the LinkedIn app where you can just push a button and place your phone on top of someone else’s and bing, bang, boom now you are LinkedIn buds? Well I just learned that last week at a conference for women called “Inclusion by Design”. My group was all excited when the lady sitting next to us shared the trick.  

Technology is moving so fast and they are constantly coming up with new ways to connect us with the more of the right people. I, for one, am a big fan and will continue to keep myself in the know or surround myself with those that do. I am all about friends in the right places.

I could go on and on about all the little tips I learned about social media in the last two weeks. I am like a child with a new toy and all I want to do is play with it every minute, but I will let the real experts guide you - I’m just giving you a little sneak peek.


Let’s move on to networking. This, I know a thing or two about.

I love people, all kinds of people. I love hearing their stories, sharing their experiences and learning what they do and why they do it. I am an expert in small talk and I am interested in almost any subject you might want to chat about. I am also fine with going to events by myself and just bouncing around to see which groups I can wiggle into. But here’s where I’ve struggled a bit recently: time is valuable, so precious. There are so many things I love doing with my time when I am not actually working, that I must admit I have not been great the past few years of doing my share of networking and meet and greets. I know how valuable networking is and I definitely know people like to help people they know and like...but, it’s just that, well you know...I have a lot of hobbies, friends and family that I like to hang out with in my spare time, not to mention family obligations and those darn chores.   

Sound familiar to you? Can you relate? Of course you can! We all live busy lives and are pulled in so many directions that it can be difficult to prioritize. It can also be a bit challenging to decide which networking groups are worth your time and are a good fit for you.  All that being said though, I decided a few months ago that I was going to boost up my networking game and attend at least one a month, to start. I am a firm believer in reaching your goals and this one is definitely doable. If I do more that, great, but this is a start.

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Side tip two…(not the secret..almost there):

When you do go to a networking event, make sure you follow up with the people who you exchanged info with. So many people are interested in meeting as many individuals as possible and going to as many events as possible that they don’t take full advantage of each individual that they promised they would reach out to. I truly believe that in these circumstances, less is more. Quality vs. quantity. People really admire those who follow through on doing what they said they would.

Again there is a ton of info out there on how to get the most out of your networking experiences. This article has a higher purpose - the big secret.

The secret, beyond a shadow of a doubt...the most important thing to do to grow your business, or for that matter everything in life, is...

hannah-olinger-549282-unsplash (2).jpg

Your head!  If your head is in a positive, powerful, confident space, then you can truly take action. What you believe to be true is more important than anything. Before you go to that meeting, head into the boardroom, talk on a podcast, go to a networking event, meet with your staff, send that email, on and on and on, think about where your head is. It matters more how you feel about the situation than how many people you meet, likes you get or hands you shake. If your heads in the right space you will see results, if it’s not, you won’t - it’s as simple as that.

So many times I see people who get in that mode to try and get everything done and move on to the next thing. They forget how much attitude matters in what you are doing and belief in yourself. I love taking action, and I do it often, but I spend a lot of time preparing my head for each situation - sometimes more time than I actually spend on the action. The more challenging or difficult I perceive something to be, the more prep time I take. Self talk, meditation, journaling, getting a pep talk from others, or chatting away with my dog are all things I do to get my head in the game. Whatever you have to do to believe in yourself is the best way to get results.

When you are in that positive space, ease and flow is yours and perfect timing for that right encounter is yours.  People will look at you and say “why and how did you accomplish that”? They will want to know a step by step guide on what you did to get to where you are - and you will say: “everything is always working out for me. I just let go and let it in.”

Sandy Weston