SJW: Social Justice Warrior or Social Joy Warrior?

Who are you in this world? How are you making a positive impact with your business and with your life? That is the legacy you should think about.

Sandra Joy Weston, that’s me! Or as most call me, Sandy Joy Weston. I love my name, it is strong and fun at the same time. Many people call me Weston, since it has been the name of my health clubs for many years (Weston Fitness). I have also made it my mission to spread “Joy” in as many ways as possible. Not sure if it is because of my middle name, just me or a little of both.

Recently in addition to owning Weston Fitness and Visionary Wellness, I started a new company SJW Productions. This new start is all about spreading my philosophy through my podcast, books, workshops, speaking engagements, articles and whatever else comes my way.

My mission is to highlight all the positive there is out there in ourselves, our homes, our communities and our world. I use fitness as my vehicle to get inside your head and declutter the negative thoughts to allow more room for the positive ones. My book that came out in January of this year, Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow, is a guide book and journal of simple, daily things you can do to create habits that will help you reach your goals. My big motto and what I personally live by is: “all it takes is 1 to 3 minutes a day to change your body…your life in a positive way”. My intention, wherever I may be, is to help myself and others see all the good in themselves and give them tools to overcome their obstacles, whether it is self doubt, anxiety, stress, fear or anything else. There are real solutions that work and don’t take a ton of time or pain.

Now what does this have to do with SJW? Well, as I mentioned, I am very driven with passion to reach as many people as possible and I was so excited to use my initials as my new companies name. Just one little bitty 15 year old son was talking to my husband last week and said “don’t you think it is funny and fitting that mom’s initials are SJW”? They both got a good laugh, but I had no idea what they were talking about. Cue the drum roll...yes I had no idea that it stood for Social Justice Warrior, and even more so, I had no idea that in some people's eyes that was not a good thing. I thought hmm…Social Justice Warrior, that sounds pretty cool and definitely very fitting of my personality. Then I looked it up online and there it all was. Oh well, as with everything some people can take it too far and ruin it from the original good that was intended. You can read the original article I stumbled upon HERE.


To be honest, if I never looked up SJW, I would think it was very similar to how I live my life. I stand strong and feel powerful in my belief system and spread it with love. I don’t want to fling anything at others or start a fight about what I believe. Take me to a peace rally but not an anti-war rally. I want to live my life as an example and embrace people of all backgrounds and religions. I don’t want to convince anyone of what I have to say but if they are willing to listen, that is awesome. You can only come from one of two places: love or fear. I chose love and I also choose joy.

The bottom line is, I like my initials and I will make them stand for whatever I want and I am choosing “Social Joy Warrior”, grounded in who I am and what I bring to the world.

What about you? Don’t let others dictate or put a label on what you stand for. Change it up, create something new. You undoubtedly are the only unique one of you.

Much love and joy.


Sandy Weston