Podcast With Angela Shuttlesworth

Today's podcast guest is quite the amazing woman who I had the pleasure of meeting in Thailand during the 8th Annual Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference. Listen and enjoy our conversation about her method, but more importantly, her journey that brought her to where she is today. 

As a Social Worker by training and most of all heart, Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth (DrAMS) has professionally served in many capacities but nothing makes her prouder than getting leaders and organizations to overstand their power, pursue their freedom, and enable themselves to thrive. With a focus on removing barriers that hinder progress, DrAMS uses research based strategies to provide coaching, speaking and consulting services across the globe. She has been contracted with both non-profit, federal agencies and Fortune 100 companies regarding her ability to empower leaders to employ the HEALTHY Method, while also presenting and publishing this method internationally. The HEALTHY method, a holistic approach to honoring your individual and collective path in and out of the workplace, is research based and practical for leaders of varying fields. It is taught with the goal of ensuring that leaders feel equipped to provide safe spaces for people to connect, engage and develop a true level of interdependence. As a leadership and engagement strategist, DrAMS is focused on increasing the profit, performance and power of leaders and organizations, DrAMS focuses on power-full strategies that work.

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