Podcast with Jeff Thomsen

My friend Jeff Thomsen and I are delving into quite the controversial topic this week: marijuana. Whether you support it or not, Jeff speaks about many interesting points that just may change your perspective. 

Jeff Thomsen has been in the Health and Fitness Industry since 1997. He has worked in all aspects of the fitness industry including membership sales, personal training director/manager, as well as running his own personal training business. With his passion for making people feel better through health and fitness, he was always intrigued with the gym equipment.

He has been a sales consultant for all the major manufactures Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Precor, Matrix, and Cybex. Jeff noticed through his journey that these manufactures have great strengths for every type of fitness market.

Jeff started his company, Fitness Depot Direct, so that he could provide used refurbished products from all manufactures and save his customers money at the same time. His passion has always been to get the best value for what you are looking for. 

Sandy Weston