Why I Agree With Oprah - Response to The Washington Post

All right Oprah, you did it again, another aha moment.  I will never stop being amazed at all you have done for others in your life and there is no slowing down.  

By now, even if you did not watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night, January, 7th, you heard about Oprah Winfrey’s speech when she received the Lifetime Achievement Award. I always knew she could rally the troops but she was on fire. It is no surprise that many people want her to be President and I must admit, I never thought about it but I am totally in. This article though, is not about whether she knows enough about the political system or would take the Democratic Party all the way, it is about Paul Walden’s article written on January 8th, in the Washington Post, The Plum Line, “Get A Grip People, Oprah Should Not Run For President”.  

Paul you had a bunch of good points but, and this is a very big but, you lost me at disqualifying her because supported the book “The Secret” and is a believer of the Law Of Attraction. I would be ok with it, if you understood her true message or the Law Attraction, but to take something that is so misunderstood to begin with and compare it to abs, although I do like washboard abs, not sure about the Birkin bag, that is just whacked. Now it was somewhat funny and you’re not the first one to say...“hey so all I have to do is wish for a million bucks or to be a professional quarterback and it will come true, right?” Wrong,wrong, wrong. Let’s forget my interpretation of the Secret and Law of Attraction and stay on point with what Oprah has to say about it, and there are plenty of YouTube videos on this topic.

The one I think you will like most is with her and Larry King (link above) and is short and sweet and right to the point. Besides Oprah talking about how she was picked to be in “The Color Purple”, she states that when she found out she was going to have her own talk show, how thrilled she was that she could be in people’s homes and spread her message about the Law of Attraction. The message being...you are responsible for your life. The way you think and then the choices you make have everything to do with what your life is. The way you think creates that reality for yourself...but is not the totally answer, there are other factors going on as well. She also states that the Law of Attraction is only one of the laws in the universe, not all of them and not the answer to everything.

In case you haven’t guessed I am one of those gullible nincompoops you speak about that believes my thoughts matter. My life has  been one awesome journey, filled with lots of joy and success. I think you will agree that Oprah has one blessed life, and she did not sit back and wait for the Universe to hand it to her. She is passionate, driven , focused, hard working, speaks her truth and wants to help mankind. Now I am not sure she checks all the boxes to be president, but I do know she is one heck of a role model.

Sandy Weston