Conscious Transformation: Creating Vitality in Your Life

Hello all!

Recently I’ve been undergoing a new venture--podcasts! There are so many interesting and informed people to talk about, and on a variety of subjects. Sometimes I just want to pick somebody’s brain, and then share their knowledge with the world, whether it be in wellness, psychology, health, or any other subjects dealing with the body and mind.

Recently, I’ve spoken with Matt LaBosco, one of my favorite people and my coach. Someone recommended him to me for my blog, but then after speaking with him, I fell in love with his series. This led to him becoming my coach--we talk and catch up every six weeks, and it’s always so productive and refreshing to speak with him.

Matt is the founder of Vitality Center in Pasadena, California. He is the creator of a new discipline in physical rehabilitation called Corrective Movement Therapy, and is a certified Energy Practitioner, following the philosophy of Conscious Transformation. He is dedicated to enriching and improving the lives of his clients both in both body and mind--healing injuries, helping clients avoid unnecessary injuries, and teaching classes in meditation and energy. He works as a private trainer, and helps his clients bring vitality and well-being into all aspects of their lives--in the workplace, out of the workplace, and with their families. He is currently residing in Florida.

You can check out his page here to check out his information, as well as check out the services he offers here--his private training and consultation as well as meditation classes and energy sessions. I would highly recommend it.

I found our talk extremely productive, and love to get the chance to speak to Matt whenever I can! Take a listen to our conversation above, and let me know your thoughts.


Sandy Weston