Sandy's Non-Cooking Cooking Show!

Hey people!

How are all of your summers going? Are you going on vacation, having barbecues, and going to some great outdoor parties? What about those days where you're cooking for your family, or just having a cozy night in catching up on some favorite summer shows?

You know me—I am not a big cooker. I love food, but always want it to be simple and easy, especially in the summer. Here are some of my go-to summer meals that are delicious and easy to make.

Some of you might like to call these 'Captain Obvious Recipes'--but these are also some of my favorites.

Look below and enjoy.


Summer Smoothie:

Get out those blenders and mix up a handful of spinach or kale, a couple spoonfuls of vanilla greek yogurt, a banana, a cup of frozen fruit of your choice, and a 1 1/2 cup of almond milk. Blend it until smooth, and enjoy out on the porch soaking in the summer sun.

About 120 calories.


Simple Salad:

No chopping involved. This is so simple, you can get really unique with the dressing. Just get some spinach and kale into a bowl with some grape tomatoes, carrots, almonds, and precooked grilled chicken. Check out this link for my go-to homemade dressing.

You can make a lot of it at one time and keep it in the fridge. For an easier option, just get your favorite store dressing.

About 130 calories.

Our nutrition expert Emily Benton, the Director of Simplex Health, suggests grabbing a bag of Dole Chopped Salad PREMIX at the store, along with some cherry tomatoes, avocado, and rotisserie chicken. That will get you 3 salads for the week, which is a pretty good deal. Her choice for dressing is Tessemae’s allergy free. It is available at Target, online or a Whole Foods.


Easy Stir Fry:

So quick and easy—all you have to do is throw in some pre-cooked chicken, veggies of your choice, and this sauce recipe ( into a pot and cook it up. Throw in some rice to go with it, and voila! You've got dinner! Also pairs well with a glass of wine on the weekends for adults.

About 300 calories.

And lastly, for another amazing one-pot recipe that Emily makes—simply combine chicken and salsa in a crock pot, and let it cook for 6-8 hours. This combination works on so many different meals—for example, she puts it on fajitas, tacos, salads, and so much more—the opportunities are endless.

See how easy it can be? Take it from me—I do not want to spend and more time in the kitchen than absolutely necessary. But these recipes are a great start to making summer cooking easy and delicious.

Have so much fun.



Sandy Weston