Smita Gyan and Meeting Amazing People

Hello amazing people…

And I truly mean amazing people. I have been so fortunate to do a bit of traveling and connect with joyful people all over the world. I get chills all up and down my spine whenever I reconnect with someone I met on my journey. I am a very lucky girl.


Especially since my Start a Movement Campaign kicked off and allowed me to join together with so many who want to spread joy everywhere and to everyone. (check out my Start A Movement page at


Also, many of the international conferences I have been invited to speak at have given me the opportunity to interact with more like-minded people, incredible folks, and one of them is Smita Gyan, the CFO at Shanvats Foods Pvt. Ltd. She is an incredible woman, whom I instantly knew I wanted to keep in touch with some way, some how. We all have those individuals that we connect with on a deep level, even after a short encounter. Just listen to what she wrote to me, and is allowing me to share with the world.


“My friends often ask me why I am so much obsessed with sunrise and sunset.


It looks same everywhere. There is no difference in sun neither in its pattern of rising and setting, be it Beach, or hill station, India or abroad. Even I am amused that what excites me most whenever I see Sun rising or setting.


Sunrise gives me a sense of attachment with worldly pleasure and sunset reminds me to detach at the same time. Attachment is very beautiful. It brings a lot of pleasure in form of emotion, happiness, positivity. So much so that we feel scared of getting detached. The sense of detachment gives fear of loneliness which is one of the scariest feelings for a human being. And to not to be alone we keep dragging attachment even if it has reached its setting time. Fact of life is that every sunrise has a sunset. So every attachment has to have a detachment. Sunrise brings attachment to the beauty of daylight followed by detachment to daylight by sunset. Or if you say sunset attaches you to the beauty of moonlight followed by detachment to moonlight by sunrise. So it is a cycle of detachment and attachment which lets us feel complete pleasure. When we feel happiness in attachment we should be ready to feel the happiness in detachment. If you are not letting yourself detach even though it is time to sunset it means you are holding the sun to not attach itself with the beauty of moonlight. To see the beauty of moonlight it is essential to detach yourself from daylight and let the sun set. Because holding the sun is not possible. It has to rise and set irrespective of any attachment and detachment. So don't hold any attachment if it's time to detach. Detach yourself how so ever difficult it is. We cannot hold the sun to set neither we can push it to rise if it is not the right time."

Wow, so thought provoking and beautiful.

Thank you, Smita for inspiring me and inspiring the World.


Stay connected and spread your joy everywhere and to everyone. A smile is felt all over the world.





Sandy Weston