Love Your Weight

Hello all of my beautiful people.


I hope you have some fun things planned this weekend. I want everyone to enjoy some down time and take full advantage of summer. It is such a chill time of year. Besides don’t you love being able to be outside more? I also love the fact that you don't have to wear a lot of clothes… Throw on a t-shirt and shorts, some flip flops and off you go. But for some, this is not the fun part. When the seasons change, and less items are worn, bodies are more visible. Even if you haven't struggled with your weight your whole life, you might still have put on a few pounds over the winter. It creeps up on you before you know it, especially since you can layer up during the colder months.


For me, I recently realized I could not fit into all of my summer cloths, and all I want is to be able to wear the clothes that I have and not have to guess whether or not it is going to look good on me. I am very fortunate, because of what I do for a living, I haven't had to think about what I am eating for a long time. I was overweight until I was 26, but since then I had my system down. But now I am going to revisit what I am doing and come up with something that would be fun and keep me focused on my goal… getting into all my summer clothes. I always say, it is just a habit and habits can be changed.


When I got into the habit of writing at night, preparing for my book to come out, I also got in the habit of snacking. Now for the most part, they were healthy snacks, but over time it was still extra calories right before bed.


Just like my book recommends, I journal every day for a few minutes to keep my head in a positive space and I always have a power statement that I write and say for a month or two to keep me on track. What I have been writing recently is, “I eat and move for extreme health and energy.”  Which is awesome, but  now I had to rethink it. Is that really what I want this month?  What was my true motivation? What did I really want to change, accomplish? I wanted to be able to wear all my clothes. Well, that is not about being extremely healthy, that is about looking good. So I had to change my power statement to, “I eat and move to look and feel great.”


Even though those snacks are instant gratification, and my brain would tell me I needed it to be happy, I now had my power statement to consider when making those decisions. There were times it was difficult, but before I went for that late night snack, I would ask myself, is this aligned with my true motivation? No matter what your motivation or power statement is, you can make it happen with conscious effort.


After just changing to this new power statement for a few weeks, I found that I don't even want those late snacks. I am not done yet, but I can fit into most of my clothes, and feel so much better. I am training my brain to form new, healthier habits, that make me feel amazing.


No matter if you have been struggling with your weight for a long time or are just feeling unhappy with it in this moment, you can make small changes that will make a big difference. Just relax and enjoy your body. Love what you got now and then make a fun game out of what you really want to achieve. The most important thing is to remember to enjoy the process and do it only if you really want to.


Here are my 5 tips on how to feel great about your weight.


hot sexy mess.jpg
  1. Think about what you do have. When you look in that mirror, what is your favorite part about yourself? Maybe it's your hair, your eyes, your booty. Focus on those things.

  2. Whatever you are doing now, it is just a habit. Habits can be change, but over time. Give yourself a little while to change that habit, and really create a lasting change.

  3. Your body and mind are connected. When you write your power statement, write one that you can truly believe and that will truly motivate you.

    1. Be mindful about what you are eating. Remember your power statement and your true motivator. Is this action in line with                                                                       what you truly want?

  4. Go out and get some pieces that you truly feel great in! Those items will boost your confidence, and make you create those habits easier.


Oh yeah and don't forget to move.


Have so much fun and spread the joy.



Sandy Weston