Jennifer Maggiore

Hello, all of you amazing people.

Recently I went through a very eye opening experience. I had Jennifer Maggiore come into my kitchen. Jennifer is a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach with Living Well Nutrition ( As many of you know, I love eating healthy, but I really don't spend that much time cooking. There are so many other things that I enjoy that I feel like I cannot add another passion to my list. But, much to my surprise, even though I may not want to do it every Sunday, I had a blast.

That’s right, I actually loved it. Jennifer has such an amazing passion for what she does. Her confidence and warmth in the kitchen put my mind at ease, let me relax and have a good time. We also made 4 whole dishes in the span of an hour and a half…. So that’s not too shabby. The craziest part was that some of the dishes Jennifer had never even made before. She was so confident that she came in and said, I just found this recipe and it looks good, so let’s try it, and we did and it was amazing and so much fun. It was easy to make, healthy for you, and so so so good. YUM.

Is there something that you built up in your head, made a big deal out of nothing, or always wanted to try? Maybe you want to try dancing. You want to dance a little better at weddings and parties. Well, you don’t need to do it every day or every week all of the time. You can just go to a class once in a blue moon. You can enjoy dancing just for a couple of hours. Don’t let your brain convince you that it is a bigger time commitment than it actually is. Even if nobody else wants to do it, do it for yourself. If you find the right person to guide you, then you can open your mind to the point where anything is possible, even me breaking out those pots and pans in the kitchen. Jennifer was the exact right person for me. Here are the recipes that we made together. I promise you, they are so great in every way. Thank you, Jennifer, for an amazing time.

Tell me all about the things that you want to try. Tell me all about how the recipes turn out when you try them. Have so much fun.


Sandy Weston