Is It Okay Not to be Pippy Skippy?

Hello my crazy, awesome, beautiful people.

What have you done lately to make yourself shine? What have you done lately to show the World what you are passionate about? Have you tapped into the truly emotional wonderful person you are? Have you done anything that made you feel vulnerable?

I am addicted to the Voice. I love the way the coaches try to pull the emotion of what they are singing into their performance. It blows me away every time how they blossom into such great storytellers with their voices. All the coaches do such an amazing job of getting the talent to showcase who they are and not hold back on delivering an emotional performance. It doesn't matter if it is happy, sad, in love, or angry, you feel all of them. There are tons of great singers but if they can make you feel emotion, they are truly incredible. I love it because it reminds me that all emotions are a part of life and can be expressed in a healthy way.

Hey did you know?

Experiencing negative emotions such as fear and anger is important for mental health and helps us evaluate our experiences in a positive way. Someone who only experiences positive emotions runs the risk of becoming complacent and ignoring the issues that really matter. Negative emotions are perfectly natural and it’s important not to suppress them. It’s all about balance!”

Rose Aitken is a life coach and mentor in Nelson City, New Zealand. She has some great advice about how to realize negative emotions and be able to effectively use them to create a healthy life. You can connect with Rose and see her work at or write to her at

“Feelings are more than just sensations in the body arising from our thoughts.

Scientists are now discovering our thoughts emanate outwards from the body like a mushroom cloud, drawing in experiences, people and things that are a precise energetic match.

People have trouble with their feelings when their inner beliefs lead them to think negatively and therefore vibrate (or send negative emotions) flowing outwards from the body, into the Universe, often bringing them more of what they don’t want.

I teach clients to focus on what they want, not what is already here, as emotions you currently feel, are an expression of old thoughts. To change your future, you must change what you are thinking and feeling now.

Raising our vibration is easy through joyful activities. Unwanted emotions used correctly, are key to accessing and unraveling unhelpful beliefs, to create a fabulous, high vibration, happy life.”

Next up is my good friend Matt LaBosco. He is a movement specialist and conscious transformation trainer. He also has some great thoughts about why it is okay to feel negative emotions sometimes. You can check out everything he is up to at

“One of the most conditioned ways we have been trained by our caregivers and/or society is to belief that it is not ok to feel sad, angry, irritated, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, etc. In some way feeling these feelings means we are "failing at life".  Essentially the only emotions we’re supposed to feel is joy, peace, and love. Talk about pressure! Taking on this belief is the burdens of all burdens – there is no greater burden than trying not to be human. I am here to tell you there is NOTHING wrong with feeling any of these things and it's actually VERY healthy and normal. Giving yourself permission to feel ALL emotions is essential to a fulfilling life. When a fear based emotion is triggered, feel the emotion fully inside, stop telling the story justifying its existence, take a deep breath, and choose a new emotion you’d like to experience and focus on that!”

Such awesome advice from Rose and Matt

Have fun and lighten up on yourself

Take time to truly know all of you

It is all incredible


Sandy Weston