My Crazy Hats

Hello, all my crazy wild friends.

I want to thank you for inspiring me to be free. To fit in, or not fit in is always the Big question wandering around in our heads. Which is why I choose to wear hats. That is right, my way of being who I am (or one of the ways) is to wear hats. I love them, the crazier the better. I don’t have to worry if I have a bad hair day, just throw on a hat. Good thing I have a good head for hats, or they fit me well, or most likely, I just enjoy them. I feel I can find a hat for almost every side of my personality. They make me smile, I emphasize who I am, but in my house,  I get a lot of feedback about my hats. Now my family would call it friendly banter, but they always say the same things… What do you have on your head??? What is that look???? Are you wearing that out???

What do they think is on top of my head... a can of soup? And yes, I am wearing it out, and yes, I think I look great.

Every single time this happens, but it doesn’t stop me because I love them. It reminds me every time to live life for me and to not please others. My hats are a symbol to express myself and no matter what to be true to my path.

What would you like to do that you might be holding back on?? Let’s take the month of April to really think about it. It is spring, a beautiful time for new beginnings.

Check out some good advice from peeps from around the world… I am sure all of them will inspire you on your journey.

Matt LaBosco is a Movement Specialist and Conscious Transformation Trainer who “helps people get better. Better mentally. Better spiritually. And better physically. So they can live lives beyond constraint. Free to do what they want, when they want, without mental or physical limitation.”. You can check out everything he is doing at Here is his great advice:

“Living for yourself or for someone else. Knowing and acknowledging the difference between these two can literally be the difference between freedom and slavery.  This can show up in many ways but can easily be detected by asking yourself one simple question: “Do I believe I have a choice?” – if I decided to say NO to this action or this endeavor, do I perceive that I would be letting someone down?  It may even show up as “I have to do this.”  “I need to this ”, or “I should do this”. Anytime have, need, or should are present, you are in the consciousness of obligation. An obligation is the consciousness of living for someone else and will most likely create resentment and in many cases, hatred for the person you are “living for”. Live from a place of conscious choice, and you will be free.”

Next up… Elizabeth Juffs is a Life and Career Coach in the UK. You can check out her website here: And here is her advice:

“Being you, and being true to yourself, rather than trying to please others, is about listening to yourself.  Many of us have ‘turned down’ our gut instinct over the years, fearing we cannot rely on it, or that it is not worthy of paying attention to.  This is a mistake.  In my coaching work I find that as clients start to ‘turn up the volume’ on their gut instinct, they find it guides them really well.  They learn to recognize that when something feels uncomfortable it usually isn’t right for them. They learn that they do have a voice and can make good decisions, using their own inner wisdom.

Try it for yourself. Today. Whenever you’re unsure about something or trying to make a difficult decision, breath, center yourself, and then listen to what your gut instinct tell you. You will know if it feels right.”

Now what you have all been waiting for, how I bring out my true self:

  1. Pay attention to how you feel. How you feel will tell you whether you are thinking positive or negative. You don’t want to judge it, just be aware, and try to spin it in a positive way a little more every day. Even if you do feel negative feelings, don’t judge, but take a deep breath and a step back, and come back to it later. It is okay to feel those emotions, just be aware of them. If you are coming from love and positivity, then you will be connected to your true self a little more.

  2. Connect to your inner goofball. Laugh more, dance around like no one is watching, take some time to learn about another person and brighten their day. What do you like to do that is goofy?

  3. Dream Big. Ask yourself what you really want your life to look like, and then go make it happen. Don’t be afraid to dream big, be excited for all the great things that will come from following them.

  4. Trust your gut. When something feels a little funky, it probably is. Have open communication with those around you to make sure you are all on the same page, then do what you know is right.

  5. Be honest with yourself and others. If you are not listening to your true self-trying to come out, then it won’t. Let it be free to get weird, and so many great things will come. If you are trying to please people and you think they will not like you, then still let your true self out. You will be amazed how many more true relationships you will form just by being yourself

Hats are my symbol... what is your reminder? Have fun and remember to be a little frisky now and then. I send you tons of JOY.



Sandy Weston