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I am back, yes I am back from Thailand, and it was incredible, amazing, just magnificent!!! You know what the best part of the whole trip was for me, besides meeting so many incredible people from around the world….

It was following my heart, my passion and breaking through my fear of traveling halfway around the world by myself. That is right, I left my friends and family at home and did this journey alone. I still can't believe I went and I am still in shock from it being beyond my wildest dreams. It was worth it. I missed my family dearly and there were times I wondered what I got myself into. But (and it is a big But), I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to fulfill my dreams. I want to speak all over the world and touch as many lives as possible with my positive message. I want to empower myself and others to live a joyful passionate life. Thailand was a big breakthrough for me in do many ways.

I want to ride this high for a long time and remind myself whenever I am being a big chicken, how the Thailand trip was a sure sign to live fearlessly.  

There are so many stories to tell about the people and the conference that I have decided to divide it into 3 parts with the first being Thailand in general.

Here are some fun facts about Thailand that I really love.

Hey did you know….

Males were all Buddhist monks for a while. There was a time when all young men in Thailand (including royalty) were required to become Buddhist monks–even if only for a short period of time–before they turned 20. This practice is not observed as it used to be these days, however. https://www.samujana.com/25-interesting-facts-about-thailand/

The big thing that I did notice in Thailand was that people were so fascinated with my culture and beliefs. They were purely interested in me and finding out as much as possible about my way of life. There was no judgement or wanting to convince me of something different, they just wanted to listen and absorb. Everyone I met was so accepting and open minded and kind.

While I was in Bangkok, I spent most of the time touring with my friends Robert, Elena, and Rachael. Robert, Elena's husband, organized every day the most awesome plan of how we would spend our day to see the biggest attractions. He also planned out where we would eat and have drinks at night. It was such a blessing to have him take so much time and care before hand to maximize our time in Bangkok. And by the way, when I say friends, I had only spoken to Elena on the phone before the conference and this was my, first time meeting them. How cool that they just made me part of the gang. We experienced so many aspects of Bangkok but I especially enjoyed the breathtaking Temples. The pictures definitely do not capture their full beauty, but I hope you can feel the love coming your way. The energy will always be with me.

When I left my pals, and went to Hua Hin for 2 nights, I took their words of wisdom with me and enjoyed my time touring alone and getting to know another part of Thailand's culture.

More on that beautiful city later and what it is like traveling alone, where most people do not speak your language.

Hey did you know...

A smile can go a long way, and you’ll find more smiles in Thailand than just about anywhere else. In fact, it’s sometimes known as the “land of smiles” because the people of Thailand seem to be always ready with a smile. They are a peace-loving culture, desiring harmony over conflict.


Man am I glad I went to Thailand and overcame my fears. So much love to bring home with me. Now let me know all about your travels. Where have you gone? What fears did you conquer? What kinds of people did you meet along the way? I can't wait until my next adventure.

Ps. Check out the video blog for more details.

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