Joey Klein

So many people… So many promises.

So many programs… So little time.

So many blogs… So many postings.

So many groups promising results.

So many organizations with all the answers.

It is Soo… confusing and overwhelming… who can you trust… where do you get your guidance...

I have been a knowledge seeker for a very long time, and trust me I get confused. But you know who has all the answers, every single one of them… You can bet your life on them and they will never steer you wrong. You can sleep well at night knowing that you made the right decision because you definitely trusted the right person.

That person is 100% You. That is right… You and only you have all the answers for you and your life. No one, I don’t care who they are, besides you has the right answers for your unique life. The key is to love yourself fully, in this moment, all of you, I mean all of you… and then seek guidance from within. The answers will come in leaps and bounds right when you need them. If you are in tune with you, and truly aware of how you feel and how to create habits that will serve you well… the World will be such a fun playground.

Now I am not saying you don’t need mentors, leaders, friends and family, who truly love you to guide you and give you direction, a helping hand, or a plan on how to get what you want out of life. I am definitely not saying you should do this on your own… not even a tiny bit. What I am saying, is the right people, the right books, the right programs will show themselves to you when you are ready and will fit your personality and your life.

I have been blessed with so many great coaches, mentors, friends, guides, angels, and of course don’t forget my trees throughout my entire life. Even the right book or blog just pops in my lap when I am not looking. I am truly grateful for every single person in my life and their words of wisdom. I listen with open ears, take it all in and then decide what is best for my life.

Of course, you can always look back and say, If I knew then what I do now, damn, I definitely would have taken a different path. But I didn’t, and I wasn't supposed to, that is why it is called the journey of life, and I love it all and everyone in it.

Which leads me to Joey Klein. I was introduced to Joey Klein’s work almost 2 years ago from one of my coaches, Matt LaBosco. At first, I thought, sounds great, but I really think I have a pretty good system going on and enough incredible mentors. But Matt was impressive and I really felt his authenticity. He was the real deal, so beyond knowledgeable and genuine. I could feel his positive energy through the phone. It is not every day that I feel such a connection, I knew there must be something to this Joey.

So I dug deep into Joey’s philosophy and program. I bought his book and began doing some of his meditations. I blogged Matt and his Journey as a physical therapist, entrepreneur and also a knowledge seeker. I was so excited about his work that I decided to use Matt as my coach and touch base with him every few weeks on the phone and follow Joey Klein’s teachings.  

Joey, I have to give you the biggest shout out… Not only do I love your philosophy but I love how your program doesn’t just give advice but has a plan, a method for getting you there. A system that is full proof, and if followed will change every single person’s life for the better. Wherever you are in life, happy as a lark, just needing a tune up or completely off track, I would highly recommend you look into Joey’s programs.

I even went out to Colorado in October for a 3-day workshop and again I was beyond blown away.

Thank you Joey, for bringing your gifts to the World. I am blessed for crossing paths.

To see more about Joey, visit his website at

Sandy Weston