Awesome Abs

Hello all my happy healthy friends,

How is life treating you?

Are you eating and moving to feel good… to feel great… to rock that bod?? Well, whatever the situation I just want you to feel good and of course answer all your questions the best of my ability.

So let's get right to it. The question I get asked often, and in the weirdest places, is all about the abs. How can I get flat abs, get rid of my muffin top, drop my baby weight, tighten up my mid section after kids, look great in a bikini again? Or for the men, I just want a 6 pack, is that too much to ask???

No it is not too much to ask and it is all possible. How much are you really willing to do and is it worth it? If you really want it, some of my favorite peeps have the answers. Trust me, it works. I don't care what your age, or how many kids you have had this is the real deal.

Let's get this party started.

First up Food… yes this is such a big deal. The biggest deal when it comes to looking lean and mean.

You are up Emily.

You do have to feed your body before you get into those kick butt workout moves after all. Emily Benton is the Director of Simplex Health and just an amazing person. She knows how to get the job done and tailors it uniquely to each individual. I love how she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable with what you are doing right now. Her only mission is for you to be happy and reach your goals.

Emily has some go-to advice on what foods to stay away from, and which to go towards to get those flat abs:

“While there is no such thing as spot reduction with food, there are some awesome practices to reduce bloating to get your abs flatter! Abs are definitely made in the kitchen!    

Foods to eliminate... these foods cause inflammation and irritation in the gut which lead to bloating, gas, and a belly. Taking these foods out for 4-10 days will start to show results, feel better, and have more energy!  

-all processed foods




Foods to focus on - no calorie restrictions with these, eat as much as you would like!

-lean proteins


-High-quality fats (avocados, nuts, seeds)

Here are some go-to foods for a flatter tummy:

1) You need to eat healthy fat in order to lose fat.  fat is your friend - avocados, nuts, seeds, clean olive oils, coconut oil.  You should have some healthy fats with every meal.  

2) Healthy fats also impact your hormones which link to your metabolism, blood sugar levels, and will keep you fuller longer

3) Reduce fruits... the sugar that comes from fruits will impact your blood sugar level just like eating candy.. causing you to want to eat more.  The best thing to do is to pair a fruit with a healthy fat aka banana and peanut butter.  

Every person is different, so working with an RD can help find a true plan to bring out those abs and boost that energy!” Check out Simplex Health at

Thanks Emily.

Next up, is JD (Jonathan Daddis). He is a new trainer here at Weston Fitness! He specializes in CrossFit and has a wealth of information about training the right way, with correct form to prevent injury, and even has a background in Martial Arts. Although I have only known him a short time, I love this dude. He is so inspiring, driven and kind. He really gets people.

I have to give props to my peeps now and then. He is super knowledgeable and can talk about this subject for days. Here are his quick tips and go-to moves. If you want more information, stop by Weston Fitness to say hi, or sign up for a private training session with him on

"Flat abs!! The internal obliques (when lean they create that "v" we all live at the base of the stomach) and transverse abdominals (they wrap around our core) are the muscles that help keep our stomach FLAT. And ironically, I can't think of any other muscles that are stretched more each day than these two muscle groups allowing the stomach to protrude and sag rather than flatten (whether from a full stomach of food, from inflammation, or even from proper diaphragmatic breathing, they get stretched daily).

How do we reverse this and maintain a lean look? My 2 favorite exercises (which can be done daily) are hollow rocks and planks. But the REAL key is in the technique. While performing the above isometric holds, Imagine you're trying to suck your belly button all the to the back of your spine. You will almost get the sensation of a vacuum in your belly. Work the planks up to 5 minutes daily and the hollow rocks up to 3 minutes daily for a super flat belly, and the sensation that comes with it!"

You Rock JD.

Last but certainly not least, Trainer to the Stars, my pal, Gunnar Peterson. He is based in Beverly Hills and works with professional athletes, celebrities, and regular people all to personalize their training, vary their workout routine, and maintain a positive mindset to achieve long-term results. He is at the top of his game. You should see his client list. I met Gunnar years ago when he was in Philly training Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. We hit it off instantly and have been friends ever since. Not only is he extremely talented but he is a hoot. I still remember when he cut his tie off just for laughs at my wedding… so fun. We had such good times. California is just not close enough... Miss you dude.


Here are some things you can focus on for a couple of weeks that will get you seeing real results:

  1. Double your water intake.

  2. Eliminate your complex carbs after lunch.

  3. Add sprint intervals to whatever cardio you do.

  4. Reduce the rest time between sets of resistance training to no more than 30 seconds. Yes, even on the big lifts.

  5. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Try this for 2 weeks without missing any of it and watch the changes.

Thanks Gunnar.

As always, no messing around, right to the point and gets it done. Check him out at

Well, there you have it, folks.

So much good stuff. I have been in the fitness biz a long time and these peeps are right on the money.

Have fun, make it a game and most of all enjoy and appreciate that sexy body of yours.



Sandy Weston