My December Challenge & Holiday Health Tips

Hey gang - it’s December. I know that this is the month of fun, food, shopping and craziness but that doesn't mean it can’t also be the month to make a positive change in your life. Why not you? Why wait until January resolutions...let’s get this party started now. This year I decided to skip the nonsense and have a 30-day challenge for December. You and I deserve to feel great and my pippy skippy holiday-loving self is here to help (and to also ask for some advice from the experts). So here we go - the rules:

  1. I make it a point to complete my personal workout at least 3 times a week

  2. I work my body with full intention and purpose - I am focused and strong

  3. I eat food that nourishes my body and soul...I am not beyond seeking help

  4. I meditate for at least a few minutes everyday to clear my head

  5. I get up and move for at least a minute every hour at work

  6. I reach out at least once a week to help a person in need

  7. I park as far away as possible when doing my holiday shopping

  8. I make time to enjoy family and friends throughout the holiday season

  9. I make someone smile as often as possible

  10. I make it a point each day to see the good in myself and others

Easy-peasy right? And if one of these isn’t your strong suit, don't be afraid to ask for help. I went to Nicole Dell’Aquila from Simplex Health for some nutrition tips and she did not disappoint. Here’s what she said:

Swap your milk for Ripple Pea Protein milk!  Healthy plant based protein, anti inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids make this a great addition to your morning brew.  Still craving your Starbucks PSL...  Ask for only ONE pump of syrup, swap out the dairy milk for almond milk and add a few shakes of antioxidant rich cinnamon for that extra spice.

Holiday parties got you scared of blowing your healthy habits? (Notice I didn't use the word "diet".. )  Eat a healthy dinner BEFORE you attend parties.  You'll be less likely to overeat on unhealthy processed hors d'oeuvres.  While you're at the party, find the crudite tray and munch on healthy veggies.  Many holiday parties have shrimp cocktail.  Have a few for a little protein boost. 

Give up red wine....  NEVER!  Red wine has so many health benefits but don't over do it!  Enjoy a nice glass of red then switch to club soda with a lime wedge.  People will think you have a fancy cocktail but you'll be hydrating instead!  

Late night snacking on the brain?  Swap out carbohydrate rich pretzels, crackers,  and potato chips for fiber rich raw veggies.  Need a little something to dip?  Use hummus or fresh guacamole.  To keep your nutrition in check and not over do it, even if the dipping bowl is all yours, keep it to one scoop per piece of veggie.  Also, instead of the late night munchies, try sipping on warm chamomile tea or decaf green tea.  Many times your late night snacking is just a learned habit...  Learn a new healthy habit and sip that antioxidant rich tea.  A handful of raw nuts is another healthy swap for those carb rich pretzels.

Why wait guys? It is never too early to make a positive change. Finish out the year with a bang & start off 2018 ahead of the game. And guess what? There will even be prizes for a few lucky people who complete the challenge. For the rest of the information head on over to my Facebook page.

Much joy.


Sandy Weston