Let's Keep It Real - Pop-up Podcast With Nicole Dell'Aquila

Hey gang - now, I know it's not Thursday but I've got a nice little pop-up podcast surprise. I came across this article recently on the New York Times and I just had to get my friend Nicole Dell'Aquila to have a podcast discussion with me on it. 

Nicole Dell'Aquila, RD, LDN graduated from Penn State in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition. She’s worked in various health care settings and completed her Dietetic Internship in 2005 through Utah State University.  She continued to work in health care for another 13 years until she came on board with Simplex Health in May of this year.  Nicole has a passion for functional nutrition, using her own personal health struggles as a motivator to give her clients the best nutrition education, and how food is either continually feeding disease or fighting it.

Whether you're for or against clean eating, my chat with Nicole is enlightening and thought-provoking with room for more debate in the future. All comments and questions are encouraged to get the discussion rolling. 

You can contact Nicole & Simplex Health at nicole@simplexhealthcorp.com & (484) 450-8488. 

Sandy Weston