Tips and Tricks To Enjoy A Happy, Healthy Halloween

Hello all of my lovelies!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful end of October, and are looking forward to an absolutely exciting Halloween. All of the weekend parties are in swing, and this week we'll get ready to get the kids dressed up and out the door for a great night of trick-or-treating.

But is Halloween only for the kids? As we get older, we might feel, in some ways, inhibited from fully celebrating Halloween, as well as other fun holidays. Am I too old to go out and dress up for Halloween, or to enjoy those parties until 2 AM? 

I say: don't listen to those naysayers. Life is too short to get caught up in what other people think about you, and who says you can't go out and enjoy the holiday with the kids or other adults? Dress up in that crazy costume, go out to that party, go out and get some candy with your kids. But below, here are some tips to enjoy a healthy, happy Halloween.

  • Eat dinner before any Halloween or trick-or-treating festivities. You're a lot less likely to binge after having a sensible meal beforehand.

  • Remember balance. Balance out any candy and cocktails with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins.

  • Think about handing out non-sugary treats or toys to the neighborhood kids.

  • Be careful of the little bite-sized candies! They may be smaller in size, but it's easier to binge on many bite-sized candies rather than one full-sized candy bar.

  • Opt for healthy snacks at home, like guacamole dip.

  • Exercise matters! Encourage kids to walk from house to house rather than driving them.

  • Donate excess candy to a local hospital, shelter, or nursing home, or use it for holiday baking!

Sandy Weston