Never Sick Again???

Hello everyone,  

I feel I should be putting everyone’s name at the top so that I can personalize your message. I have heard so many nice things from so many cool people, I just want to get to know all of you. But until I can figure out how to make that happen, I will send out my positive energy through my words and hope that it touches your life.

So how are you feeling? Really… How are you feeling? How is the change in weather treating you? Are you listening to how many people get sick when the season hits or the weather changes? Has it taken you or your family out for the count? If it did, I am sorry to hear that, but maybe it gave you time to slow down and hang out with your friends or family.

My son got Bronchitis right before the holiday break. I know, perfect timing. He didn’t have to miss so much school... Not sure he felt that way. But he wasn’t completely out of commission, just for a few days. Now he wasn’t going snowboarding anytime soon, but he was able to hang out and play video games without feeling miserable. He was coughing so much we couldn’t take him to church with the entire family on Christmas eve, but he didn’t seem broken up about that either.  

I definitely do not like seeing him not on his A game, but on the other side of things, we didn’t travel as much over the other the holiday season and hung out at home with just us. It was one of my favorite holidays. Oh yes, and we got two new kitties for Christmas, so they gave us plenty of entertainment with the other two cats and dog.

I am a big component of sending healthy vibes out to the universe and they will come back to you. Take care of yourself, love yourself and it will love you back... Yes, as I remind myself often, we are human, and we are going to break down from time to time, but my goal is to make that happen as little as possible. Tell myself every day how great I feel and how blessed I am and… listen to my body. I love feeling good and am blessed that I feel amazing most of my life.

But as you know, I am kind of into the health thing so my secret sauce is the following:

Top 10 things I do every day

Exercise daily

Eat what makes me feel good

Meditate every day

Write in my journal all my gratitudes

Try to show as much love as possible

Listen to my body - most days

Have fun

Laugh a lot

Do what makes me happy

And get a little help from my friends

Such as self-help books that keep me in the zone


Here is my number one guidebook for staying healthy, well, and wise.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. “This New York Times Bestseller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Louise’s key message in this powerful work is: ‘If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.’ Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking… and improve the quality of your life! Packed with powerful information—you'll love this gem of a book!”

This book is a God send. I keep it by my bedside and refer to it on a weekly basis.  It reminds me of how beautiful our bodies really are and to keep on loving it and myself.

Louise Hay gives you a way to see what is really wrong when you are feeling a little off, but It is so important to listen to your body even before that happens. Andra Maria Gill is a Mindset Coach & Kinesiologist from Melbourne, Australia who has her own business called Andra Maria Wellness. She is really in tune with herself and strives to “help people find their purpose and make their dreams a reality.” She knows how to listen to her body and make sure she is feeling her best and ready for life. As Andra says, “Your body is always giving you messages but the question is, are you listening? Physical symptoms are often a sign that the body is energetically and emotionally out of balance. If you suppress what is going on emotionally for long enough, it will often manifest physically. In turn, each physical illness or symptom is a message that is telling you about what is going on for you emotionally! So my advice is, listen to your body. Listen to your emotions. If you're feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or burnout... listen! Deal with what is going on emotionally because this is truly the best preventative medicine." Check out Andra at

As I was almost finished with this blog, I remembered what a good friend has said to me over 20 years ago. Do you ever have those things that stick with you forever and can’t remember why? Well, my good buddy told me HE NEVER GETS SICK. Yep, he just doesn’t. So I had to get him on the phone before I finished this article to get his secret sauce. I probably could have written most of it, since I know him so well and it is very similar to mine but I wanted to hear it first hand.

Get ready world, here is Lee…..

Dr. Lee Cohen, Is one of the top podiatrists in the tri-state area. He is the Podiatric Consultant to Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia 76ers. Dr. Cohen is also the sports podiatrist to many other professional athletes, University teams and the who’s who. Dr. Cohen is also the only place I would go when I broke my foot over a year ago, to get operated on. (That is a whole other blog topic)

Dr. Lee Cohen’s Top 7 ways to stay healthy:

Trust me, they work. He really never gets sick.

  1. He tells the universe that he is healthy. He throws it out there and it comes back

  2. He works out every morning for an hour for health and stress release.  Doesn’t matter what he does, he just moves for an hour.  Lee always changes it up

  3. He meditates.  

  4. He is spiritually connected and listens to his inner being.

  5. He laughs a lot.

  6. He eats everything but doesn't overeat. He enjoys food and eats it in moderation.

  7. His Lucky Number 7. This one should get its own space… To quote Dr. Cohen

           Every morning he rubs it out. That is right. Sexual release is very important. (:

Well, as always Lee, I appreciate your honesty and humor.

Check Dr. Cohen out at

Hey did you know that 80 to 85 percent of the US does not get the Flu every year? Isn’t that incredible? Spread the good news. How exciting is that? Look at how many people are healthy. Call your friends, facebook everyone you know, this is some good stuff. Do you see what I did there? Instead of telling about the peeps that do get sick, I want you to think about all the people that stay healthy.

Just by changing things around a bit, you will feel so much better.

Yes… is the glass half full or half empty? It really is that simple.

I want to emphasize, with your help, my community, my posse, all the good news out there. And there is a ton.

Think about it next time you are under the weather just a bit, and someone says to you…. Oh yeah, there is so much of that going around. Or… everyone is coming down with that. Sooooo many people were sick over the holiday break. Really, how many people? 5 percent, 10 percent? Does that mean I am going to get the full blown out version? No, No No. But you need not buy into all that stuff and listen to your body. Just because you have a cold, doesn’t mean it is going to turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. If you feel a bit out of it, and 2 of your co-workers have the flu, it doesn’t mean you are going to be in bed for two weeks. But what it does mean, is that you need to listen to your body. Your body is a beautiful thing, and if you take the time to see what is going on, it will tell you what to do. If you ignore it, and keep burning the candle at both ends, or stay in that high-pressure zone, you will eventually go down for the count. Your body will do anything to be well.

Food for thought

5 Ways to Rock that body:

Thank your body for all it does for you.

Listen to your body, it is one big miracle and wanting you to rock

Slow Down. If you feel something coming on, then go to bed earlier, eat extra healthy and have a cup of tea. Giving your body the love it needs

Drink water. When you are not on your A Game, your body needs more water to heal. Focus on keeping your body really hydrated to give it the best chance possible to stay healthy.

Be mindful of what people are saying and if you are going down

That slippery slope.

You are built not to just feel good and get through, You are built to feel Joy and have fun.

Go get some. Spread the Good News.



Sandy Weston