Best Body Plan Ever for 2017

Happy Happy New Year Everyone!

Hey did you know that the top five new year’s resolutions are to lose weight, get organized, spend less, enjoy life, and stay fit and healthy? But the sticky wicket is that 75% of people only maintain their goals through the first week. Sustaining that positive change should really be the resolution this year. Well I will tell you exactly how to do it through a system I spent years creating from personal observations, and working with top professors. It is called the GAME Plan, and the best thing about it, is that no matter what your resolution is, it can be accomplished in only 1-3 minutes a day. Before we get into that secret formula, here are some tips on starting off the goal setting process:

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Set realistic goals, and break them up. Take it easy. You do not have to solve all the world’s problems in one minute.

Now because this is a big topic for everyone around the world, I called in the big guns from around the world… literally. Two of my favorite people and mentors, one in my own backyard, Dr. Kendrick, and the other, Dr. Kern from the down under. Check out their advice for the new year.

First up, Zeb, this man has saved my butt more times than I can count and of course he is brilliant and kind. Here is some great advice from Temple University’s own Vice Provost for Graduate Education, and one of my amazing mentors, Dr. Zebulon Kendrick:

My goals are centered around reasonable outcomes and activities that either are fun or allow me to take a mental break from pressures at work. For example, I found that taking long walks in the morning and at lunch time helped me to be more productive and less stressed at work. I use Weston Fitness for resistive training and walk between 10,000 and 15,000 steps daily.”

Thank you Zeb, as always, words to live by.

Next up, Dr. Kern. I met Peggy when she was at the University of Pennsylvania in the Positive Psychology department. Now, Dr. Peggy Kern is in the Positive Psychology Department at the University of Melbourne in Australia. I miss her dropping by to brainstorm but we still stay in touch. Here is some great advice on goal setting:

“It can be easy to come up with some grand plans to change or improve our health and wellbeing, but a lot more challenging to carry it through. It's helpful to have a goal that you are striving for, with a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) plan to reach it - and tell others. Friends can help motivate you and make it more pleasant. Post it in a visible location. Start creating daily habits that keep you moving towards your goal. That goal is a first step. Then it comes to the daily motivation to move towards that goal, versus all the other things that vie for our time and attention. When you feel unmotivated, do it anyway. When it seems impossible, it's not. If you fall down, know that it is part of the process. Pick yourself up and try again. See your goal not as an endpoint, but as a journey, which happens one step at a time. It will be hard - really hard. But that is part of what makes it so worthwhile. When you think you can't keep going, keep trying. When you want to give up, don't. And take time to stop and see how far you've come in your journey - celebrate the successes, and learn from the challenges. And little by little, one step at a time, you may very well do far more than you imagined possible.”

Thank you Peggy, the University of Australia is a lucky bugger.

Now for my big secret that both Zeb and Peggy helped me work on….

The Game Plan

G… goals… as we spoke about, make them really work for you and what you truly want.

A… action… what are you able and willing to do right now, block it out and put it in your calendar as if it is a business meeting you can't cancel.

M… motivation… why do you truly want this. Be very honest with yourself, this will keep you going on the days you just can't get moving.

E… energy… what is your energy level right now and what type of movement, workout is right for you.

I want you to get a little notebook, journal and write down your game plan on the front page, spend a day thinking about it.

Now all we need is your Power statement.

Something you will write every single day in your journal for the next 30 days.


I eat and move to feel good.

I love working out 3x a week.

I fuel my body with food that gives me energy.

I have a rocking body.

I feel good about my body.

Pick one statement, write it everyday along with your game plan and I promise you it will change your body your life.

It won't take long, max 3 minutes.

All it takes is 1-3 minutes to change your body… your life in a positive way.

So are you ready to start your GAME Plan and have the best year yet? I want to hear all about it. It doesn't have to be painful, hard or long, you can actually have fun and feel great.

Peace and joy to all.



Sandy Weston