Barbecues Don't Mean Share Bad News

Summer, summer, summer... there's nothing like that laid back feeling, vacations, and tons of barbecues? Don't you just love them or do you?? Have you ever avoided a bbq because of people who might be there? I’m not going to fib, there may have been a few times for me.

Those who know me know I am mostly pippy-skippy, I like to keep things positive. So, when I hear people getting caught in the loop of talking about negative news, I’m out of there! It’s not that I don’t care what’s going on in the world, and I’m oblivious to it. I pay attention. I’ve noticed that when people talk about negative news, it creates a chain reaction. It can start off with one little innocent topic, and then they start talking about some more negative news, and maybe someone else will chime in and talk about another negative situation… and it keeps going on. Before you know it you're caught in that downward spiral. Nobody looks happy and I think they actually feel worse.

When you see the faces of people talking about positive news, they’re smiling, or laughing and having a good time! Energy is totally different. It's one everyone wants to be around.

Now, I am not saying most people are even aware of what is happening or why, it is just how we relate.

It depends on how we relate to each other, and sometimes we don't even notice it happening or why. I believe there are many reasons we get stuck in these negative loops. We may do it out of habit, because it’s something we feel comfortable talking about. Sometimes, it can be an easier way to relate to others and not talk about ourselves or our issues. When we do talk about our negative stuff, sometimes it may be perceived a way to get attention. But often I have to wonder, do we take the positive for granted?

It’s so easy to talk about the negative things, but I always try to bring the positive with me. Talk about the good news, and throw compliments around like confetti! It doesn’t mean you don’t share the not-so-happy stuff but when you keep repeating the same things over and over again, it’s easy to turn the barbecue into a barba-buzzkill and make yourself feel miserable. Now I don't look at it as bad or good, us peeps are just stuck in a habit that doesn't serve them well. So, head to a barbecue this weekend and shift some energy around and make people smile!  Be mindful of how much positive you can find in the world and spread and watch how good it feels for all.