Power Statements

Hey Gang! How the heck are you ?? How was your Fourth ? Well, even though our fireworks got rained out we still had a BBQ with friends and family. I was pretty bummed about them being canceled but it was nice not to rush out the door at the last minute afraid we might not get there in time.I love any excuse to hang with people I love.But that is not my most exciting news, I have to tell you all about my  Saint Paul trip! I had such a great time, and everyone is so friendly. My husband said, “San, I think we’ve found your people!” It was just so awesome.


It was my first time as a presenter at the National Wellness Conference  in Minnesota.  It was exciting, and nerve wracking, and my adrenaline was flowing high.  I was speaking for 75 minutes ,to my peers , on Train Your Head ….Body Will Follow.  Now I have never been to a Wellness Conference, let alone speak at one. My arena is the Fitness Zone. But I was ready to try something new and break out of my comfort zone, and boy was it worth it. The group was so receptive and it was a packed house. Wow, what a relieve.

Part of what we touched on was the importance of setting goals and making a power statement to match it.

Now we've been talking lately about the importance of setting goals, 30 day challenges and overcoming your fears. So let’s put it all together! When you set a 30 day goal, it is important to create a power statement that you can write down and say out loud as much as you want.

It can be for any area of your life….

Starting a new career, a fear you would like to overcome, finding a mate, buying a new car, losing weight, doing a handstand, completing a marathon, the list goes on and on. Here are some examples of how you would create a positive statement.

1. You are afraid of public speaking: “I love spreading my message and touching so many people in a positive way

2. If you want a new job: “I am so happy I took that leap of faith and found a job I excel at.”

3. Want to lose weight: “I love the way I look in my clothes”

4. Run a Race: “I’m so excited for this 5k run!”

Write it down every day, and see how your attitude towards it changes. Feel the emotion behind the statement and what it would be like for that goal, vision to happen. How big is your smile. Trust me, doors will open and the universe will provide . We just have to believe it is possible and get out of the way with our self doubt.  Have fun and enjoy the journey.

For me, it was a big leap going to Saint Paul. I took my husband and son, and we had a blast.

Much gratitude to all my new friends and  connections from the National Wellness Conference. I soaked up so much information and felt totally at home.

One thing someone said that struck me is, “you can’t fix people, but you can create an environment for them to flourish.” And, no matter what profession you are in, take some time for yourself. Take  time to meditate and reflect so you can help others.

We have all heard this before but this summer let's take it to heart.


Sandy Weston