Are you a pushover?

What’s up people?

Tell me all your good news. Are you doing anything fun outside now that it is spring? Around the Philly area it has been raining a lot so it has put a damper on my gardening and bike riding. Although now and then I do welcome the break, and I am truly grateful for the rain for so many reasons. The balance of life is truly amazing to me, not just in mother nature but in people. I find them fascinating and wonderful, especially kids.

This morning, I took my son and his friend to school since... you guessed it, it was raining. They have been commuting in the morning for the past few years. And when I drive them, it is always the same routine,my son sits in the front with me, his friend in the back and the dog in the middle. Well today was a bit different his friend raced out of the house and beat my son into the front seat. As you may guessed, this caused a war, the universe unbalanced and we were going to be late for school. I told my son to get in the back, but we would talk about it on the way and come up with a plan. Of course you can see both points of you, this is my son's routine and we always do it this way. Friend, I always sit in the back I am sick and tired of doing it.

Here is what I told them along the way, since they both have a point. Coming from a place of compassion, you can take a look from the other person’s point of view. You can talk it out, and negotiate a way for everyone to win. Sometimes, when we don’t communicate, people become used to the routine. Whether the routine frustrates you, or you feel there needs to be a change, some sort of communication is crucial, opposed to a drastic switch in routine.

Maybe you can relate to these types of situations, if you’ve ever felt like the one who is always cleaning up after others in the household, or continuously stay late to work on projects, while others leave and still receive credit, it can feel very irritating. If we don’t speak up, we only allow tensions these situations to build up, until we snap and are sick and tired of doing it anymore. In those situations, it’s important to take a step back and remember that you have allowed this to happen, and start brainstorming solutions from there. When you’re able to come from a calm place, gather your reasons, and present them, on why people should at least pitch in. For the most part, people are good about helping you out once you let them know you need it.

Have you ever handled a situation like this?

Sandy Weston