The Art Museum Hottie!

Hello people,

What is going on in your life? Tell me everything. I want to hear all of your good news. What have you been doing for fun? I hope you have made some time for yourself this week and doing what you want to do. Believe me, I know how difficult it can be to prioritize your goals, especially when you have such a big heart... which I know you all do.

Well, this week I have someone special I want you to meet, someone who reminds us how important it is to take time for ourselves each and every week, in order to reach our big goals. Right here at Weston Fitness, our very own Fitness Director, Jordan Hankins was featured on Philly’s FOX 29 as the “Art Museum Hottie.” Hey ladies!!

He was caught on camera walking down the Art Museum steps, and the local news station picked up the story. Who knew that a personal goal he started working on four years ago, besides such self gratification and pride, would get him a news feature! We caught up with Jordan to find out the inside scoop and what us mere mortals could learn from his experience to achieve our own goals.

He rattled off his top 3 no problem.

  1. Find inspiration. From within...a mentor...something you have always wanted.. What is the next thing that could happen? What will fuel you forward? Life is an ongoing thing, and your motivation will always think ahead.
  2. Have the patience to see out. Be consistent with your motivation and continue in your own practice.You have to accept the failures and have fun with them. Otherwise, it will be a lot harder to get where you want to go.
  3. Celebrate your success, and your failures. Stay resilient, and celebrate your small victories. Change is consistent, some days you will be more on point than others. Use the challenging days to your advantage, and learn from them. Motivation helps, too. Jordan was mentored by a yoga instructor here at Weston, who showed him how to get into a proper headstand and challenged him to dig deep.

Finally, on a personal note, I asked Jordan if he was really single… check out the video to get the real scoop.

What’s your good news?